How To Score Qualified Sales Leads From Day 1

First things first, what is cold emailing?

But isn’t this outright spamming?

For most people, cold emailing is synonymous with spamming. But certain subtleties make cold emailing majorly acceptable and spamming unacceptable and unethical (and illegal, depending on where you come from).

Does this cold email thing really work?

Mostly, no. You won’t hear back from most of the prospects. And that’s perfectly fine. You don’t need to get a positive reply from everyone. Only a handful would do.

Cold emails work for 3 main reasons:

  • You don’t rely on referrals and word-of-mouth marketing. You don’t need to depend on others to take actions. You can form your own lead generation strategy and multiply it as many times as you want.
  • Cold emailing saves a ton of time and effort. Inbound marketing strategies like content creation, social media marketing, SEO, and email marketing take several months to deliver substantial results. Cold emails, on the other hand, put you directly in the inbox of your favorite businesses you want to work with.
  • Cold emailing is cheap; almost free if you do it all by yourself.

Here are 3 major reasons why cold emails don’t work.

  • Lack of technical knowledge: Some common rookie mistakes include
    - using a free email account
    - using your own domain
    - not setting up SKF and DKIM
    - not warming up your new email
    - crossing the daily email threshold
    - not spreading out the emails over the day
    - including excess images/links/rich-text in the email
    - not checking the deliverability and open rates.
    These mistakes end up delivering your emails in the Promotions tab, or worse, in the spam folder.
  • Inability to find information on the right companies, the right people in the companies and the right email address to contact them: If you struggle to create your ideal client profile, even if your emails are delivered and read, you won’t get a reply as the prospects don’t need your service. Imagine a web development company sending cold emails to another company with in-house developers and a well-maintained website. Finding out the right decision-maker in the company is equally important. If you send your marketing proposal to the CTO of a company, your email would be deleted faster than Usain Bolt completes a 100-meter dash.
    Finding the right email address is a challenge on its own. Avoid generic emails like info@example. com or contact@example. com. Use personal emails. Also, don’t forget to verify the emails. Invalid and bounced emails affect your deliverability.
  • Inability to covey the message: This is the most important part of cold emails as writing a great email can’t be learned overnight and can only be perfected through practice. Some people devote their whole career to the art called “email copywriting”.

There are three parts of a brilliant email copy — curiosity, attention, and value.

How do you actually do it?

I divide the cold emailing process into 3 parts:

  • Set-up
  • List building
  • Email Copy

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