Why I Am Attracted to Imperfections

Aman Mehta
2 min readJul 16, 2018


I’m attracted to the imperfections in a person — the freckles on the cheek, a scar on the arm, imperfect frizzy hair, and out-of-shape eyebrows. Sometimes it feels alluring to me when someone struggles, stutters and stammers on some words, and at times, forget, in the middle of the sentence, what they are talking about.

An unexpected burrp, a mistimed joke, an awkward silence or a tiny boogie peeking out of the nose may appear as imperfections but these deepen my interest towards a person.

I believe I’m attracted to others’ imperfections because they help me to relate to my own imperfections. Imperfections make a person seem more authentic. Like a flawless skin is more likely to be covered with layers of makeup, a flawless person is more likely to be disguised with pretensions. Because let’s face it — no one is perfect; it’s only that some of us are better at hiding our imperfections. Prince Charming and Cinderella exist only in fairy tales and teenage fantasies.

Note that I don’t count abusing and mistreating as imperfections. These are evils, not imperfections.

I like it when people choose not to cover up their imperfections. I like it when people own their imperfections with confidence because they feel it doesn’t matter — and when you think deeply, it truly doesn’t matter. It sends a strong message that when you accept a person, you accept the whole package.

Accepting only the flowers and rejecting the thorns isn’t an option here — and the fact that you have thorns doesn’t make you any less of a person.

I find it incredibly comforting to know someone’s fears, regrets, shortcomings, and minor flaws. And when they hold your hand and walk you through their darkest corners, I know that they know that I will value their vulnerabilities.

It needs immense trust to expect trust from someone.

It’s interesting that knowing someone’s peccadillos doesn’t push me away from them but actually brings me closer. Sometimes it feels special that I’m one of the few or even the only person to know someone’s idiosyncrasies.

When people chase the perfect 10, they are being unfair to both themselves and others. Know a person for long enough, and you start finding flaws in her/him. Everyone has good and bad qualities. The question you must be asking is, “are the good qualities worth those imperfections”?



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